CHIN•UP buttercup…times when you feel overwhelmed, just look back and see how far you’ve come…and then KEEP GOING. 💚

In the beginning of January, you couldn’t tell me I’d be where I am in June. It started rough…really rough..and now I’m finally seeing it shift! There were things I needed to let go of because there were things I needed to gain. I couldn’t receive what was destined for me still holding on to baggage and situations I shouldn’t have been in. Timing had literally played a huge part in every circumstance. I was forced to be patient and the only way I can have patience is if I trust the process. In a restaurant, you’ll be patient waiting for delicious food because you trust that it’s being made correctly and therefore worth the wait. Trust is simply Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. When I can’t see it, I STILL say it and think it to be true! I trust that the Author of my life is mapping it out the way He wants it. Begin or continue to have faith that things will work out in your favor even when it looks like it won’t. There were many times I couldn’t see the exit sign let alone a green light to know which way to go. I HAD to have faith. Not much of this is needed, just a mustard seed amount will suffice. 👌🏽 Let past victories be a reminder that the SON always shines. He always does more than we could ever imagine! Keep Faithing It Even When It Gets Tough. You weren’t built to break!


•Fitting Room Chronicles•

I recently went shopping in one of my favorite stores which is Forever 21 and stumbled upon this vintage looking beauty! This is of course plus size due to my current curvy frame lol and it’s also super comfy! I’d wear this to work or choose it for date night all with a change of shoes. Shoes pictured are Steve Madden! Email me for any styling inquiries! image


Hello M A Y🌺🌸💐🌷🌺
[please be awesome to me] 🤗

🌟Hope your 1st is the start of something NEW with a NEW outlook and attitude for what this month will bring! Be in a posture of EXPECTATION! 🌸 It’s true that April showers bring May flowers….so no matter how last month may have failed you and “showered” on your parade, expect things to bloom in your FAVOR this month! It can happen! 🌟

So for this Sunday’s Slay Award, I have to give it to my fashion twin (Brandii Mariee) for bringing the slayage with a cute Spring outfit! The jumpsuit is from It’s Fashion Metro and the sandals can be found at Target! My outfit deets are affordable as well…I’m wearing the Velzera Off-The-Shoulder tunic from Forever21+ and the sandals are ALDO! Happy Shopping! ❤image

This pic was taken at the vowel renewal between my sister and brother-in-love! The outfit is pretty simple with just a belt thrown on. I’m in love with the opening across the chest as well as splits on the side. It was super comfy while chic at the same time! The dress is F21+ and so is the leopard clutch. The shoes are Steve Madden and the belt is from H&M. All affordable and just made to look expensive!



Wedding threads

imageSo this is a complete throwback (who cares) lol but I wanted to share this entire look with you guys! Comfy and Affordable are my go to when it comes to shopping! The black dress is about two years old and it’s from F21+, my shoes are Michael Kors (got these open-toed beauties from DSW), and the olive green vest is from Target! My huge bag is also MK (it’s my everyday purse). All in all, this look (minus the bag) is right under $100….Happy Shopping! 😁



First blog post

image.jpegHi guys! My name is Jessica, Jess for short, and I started blogging about a year ago. This has been one heck of a ride but I can compare it to most endeavors that I launch in life….it has its highs and lows. There will be supporters and there will be naysayers. It’s up to me to keep going. This is my DREAM to spread positivity and things that I like and enjoy that will hopefully inspire you! Aspire to Inspire! Read along as I discuss Faith, Fashion, Finances, and Funerals!