My name is Jessica but most people call me Jess. I was born and raised in Texas and my parents kept me in church! Literally, all of my life I’ve been in church due to my parents being pastors….so yes, I’m a PK. I have a huge family of which I’m the spoiled baby. In elementary and middle school, I struggled with my weight to the point I was wearing some of my dad’s jeans (with loops) and shirts. In high school, I finally embraced my body as it started filling out properly due to my freshman classes all being on the 1st & 3rd floor (whew). After graduation, my body just took a turn for something idk. I had my beautiful daughter in 2008 and I’ve been stuck with a mommy pouch since then! Even though it’s not about what you look like on the outside, I still feel as if your outside determines your inside. You FEEL better when you LOOK good. In 2016, I started blogging prematurely and the response from me dressing up and just being Jess was HUGE! That’s how StyledByJess was created. I started blogging about Faith (because of life’s lessons), Finances (because of my 10 years in banking), Funerals (because of my 8 years in the funeral industry), and FASHION since I’m a total fashion junkie! My motto for life is “find the positive in every negative, because there is one” and that’s why I’m also the positive vibe guru! Lastly, I just want the world to know it’s ok to be YOU, your authentic self and people will love you for it! I’m Just Jess…… ❤

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just happened to run across your page on fb your style is absolutely amazing. I love it and your positivity!! You are a breath of fresh air and your style flawless


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