April 22,2018

Walking in my P U R P O S E all 2O18. πŸ¦‹

As I follow purpose, blessings are following me!! It’s the chain of command. When you do what you’re CALLED to, favor has NO choice but to follow in pursuit of you! -Jess πŸ’™


This true blue outfit πŸ’™ was a fun color blocking adventure lol. The off white peplum top is from Forever 21…super comfortable and cute. The royal blue pencil skirt is from Dillard’s as well as my Jessica Simpson pumps. Catch this! These accessories (earrings & necklace) are from Walmart! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Let’s not sleep on them amen? Lol Lastly, my Michael Kors watch and then a pair of gold bangles with a teal ring both from Forever 21. Email StyledByJustJess@gmail.com for all styling inquiries!



Many times we tell God, “Lord, whatever you’re doing in this season, don’t do it without me” and often, we don’t trust Him to stand true to His Word. We let doubt creep in and fear settle in to where we forget about His promises. He tells us often that provision will be made for us and that He’s concerned about the things that concern us. KNOW THIS….if your latter shall be GREATER than your former (Job 8:7), every season is a LEVEL UP for you! This next season, whatever He plans on doing, He’s not going to do it without you! PURPOSE will be fulfilled in your life all because your steps have been ordered. His divine plan includes YOU! Trust you won’t miss what’s for you in this season!

-Jess πŸ’•πŸ‘“



βœ¨πŸ’•Stir up the gift that’s on the inside of you for you are GREAT people & you have GREAT power! πŸ’•You may fall sometimes, BUT you CAN’T quit!! #GreatnessIsYourPortion πŸ’« #SundayVibes

Today’s Sunday Slayage was all about Sequin & Sparkles! The top was recently purchased from Target and should still be available. My skirt is also from Target but is a few years old. I told y’all I love to recycle items! Lol and the dress socks were bought within the past month from Forever 21. I’ve officially become a sock connoisseur! They’re so cute and fun to dress up anything with. The patent leather shoes are from Jessica Simpson and I literally have these in about 5 different colors. Whenever you find a good shoe that’s comfortable and diverse, buy them in all colors! My mama taught me that ☝🏽.Β Total look was super comfortable and like I always say super AFFORDABLE! πŸ™ŒπŸ½


Email StyledByJustJess@gmail.com for all your styling inquiries! Happy Sunday! πŸ’œ

1515968611563🌺🌷 Everytime I compare what I asked God for and what He gives me, I’m completely MIND BLOWN! πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Apparently, I’m not thinking big enough! 😳😏 In 2018 #ThinkGREATER, #DreamGREATER, #EnvisionGREATER. Greatness is in your & my DNA! πŸ’« 🌺

Today’s #SundaySlayage is courtesy of one of my favorite stores…Target! This romper was recently purchased within the week so you’ll be able to still find it. It’s super comfortable and let me add that it’s a Medium! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I’ve been working on a healthier me…not skinny…but HEALTHY. I’ve got a ton of work to do in the Earth and I can’t afford to be exhausted nor sick. Amen? Amen! Lol I also paired this romper with a peplum style blazer which is more noticeable once zipped and it also came from Target about 2 years ago. I thoroughly enjoy mixing older items with new pieces! These two items are super stylish and most importantly super AFFORDABLE! For styling inquiries, please feel free to email StyledByJustJess@gmail.com. 🌺

“Sleigh” All Day!


Because I’m STILL celebrating my favorite holiday (besides my birthday), I have to show you what I wore…and might I add, I was very comfortable and prepared for all the eating that was about to take place! My “Sleigh All Day” top came from Target which they are always my go to place for graphic tops. My high rise jeans and the leather jacket are from Forever 21+. I love that my jeans fit like a glove and are super comfy! My kicks are courtesy of Vans and are also high rise.



“Santa’s Little Helper”

I wore this fit Christmas of 2015 and felt totally cute dressed as an Elf! My Elf sweater was purchased from Forever21+ as well as my tights. My kicks were Nike Airmax…again comfortable for all of the eating activities lol as well as spending and cherishing time with my Fam(ily) ❀

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holidays and making long lasting memories with those you love…I know that I am! β™₯️

On this day last year, I was involved in an accident that SHOULD’VE took my life. My car spun around 4 times on i45 in the middle of 8pm traffic before slamming into the median! I haven’t spoken about it publicly because there’s so much to the story, but at that time in my life I was out of the ark of safety. My lifestyle wasn’t pleasing to God and on top of that, I was in a relationship where we were physically and verbally abusive to each other. TODAY, I’m doing better than I’ve EVER been!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Obedience to God is so NECESSARY! I can’t wait to tell my full story! 2018 is about to be PURPOSEFUL for me! πŸ’œ




Irregardless of what it LOOKS like and surely irregardless of what it FEELS like! What’s to come will supersede what’s been in your life! Make the declaration and speak it CONTINUOUSLY! It’s gotta happen! Your words are POWERFUL and you have the authority to speak things into existence. Declare today that your latter SHALL be greater than your past! πŸ’ͺ🏽  I know that we all can get lost with our day to day schedules and routines and just the busyness of LIFE, BUT do not let what’s going on around you affect what’s happening inside of you. Trials come as a test of our faith and to build us up in areas where we may lack. If we give in, then we also GIVE UP the promises. Don’t self sabotage in this season. See yourself winning and reaching EVERY goal you set for yourself. There are limitless possibilities of where your faith can and will take you. Believe it or not, our whole life is a FAITH WALK. I abruptly found this out in my adult years smh lol I moved out of my mom’s house at 22 and started to incur bills and of course that’s when life got REAL. Little did I know, as I got older I would go through many situations that would have me questioning my own faith. Truth be told, many experiences & failed expectations should have left me broken and if it wasn’t for my relationship (not religion), I wouldn’t have made it. I’m thoroughly convinced there’s a plan and purpose for my life so I must keep faith in an all powerful and an all knowing God. Don’t let your surroundings get the best of you. If you just have to know what the end of your life is going to be like, I’ll tell you this little secret before I go……Eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard, neither has it entered into the heart of men the things God has prepared for them that love Him. β™₯️